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Founded and privately owned by industry experts since 2005, acceptcards continue to lead the way in advising and assisting businesses on every aspect of taking payment by card. Our continued growth and success has only been possible through our dedicated team of industry experts and many partnerships within the card payment industry.

With over 30 years experience in the industry we offer an independent and specialist point of contact for businesses to discuss and review their requirements, so that we can match their needs to the most suitable solutions from the payment processing banks and providers, at the lowest cost.


Our independence and transparency is recognised through the established and growing number of new relationships we enjoy with our professional partners. These include accountancy networks, trade associations, non-clearing banks and many other professional introducers.

Many businesses will turn to their own bank to arrange a card processing facility without realising there is a choice and often at a much lower pricing than what they have been offered. Through our increasing work with professional partners our aim is to ensure that all businesses have the opportunity to accept card payments at a fair cost and for those already accepting card payments to reduce what is often a significant overhead.

Every business we look after, will benefit from our good honest approach, saving you the time in searching for the lowest card processing costs, card machine rentals and website payment solutions.

Our focus is 100% on the card payment industry whilst yours is on your business!

Values and Visions:


  • To be the recognised 'independent voice' for the card processing industry.
  • To remain proactive in keeping up to date with all matters relating to our industry.
  • To continue to develop the service and benefits provided to our partners and clients by responding to and satisfying their needs.


  • To be proud of our history and belief that our partners and clients are not just a number.
  • To uphold the standards of professional development.
  • To act in a fair, consistent and ethical manner conducive to the industry we operate in.
  • Continue to have a genuine desire to develop and move forward.

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Upon securing premesis we were against the clock to set up card processing, and had tight margins to protect. I first tried tradition routes - direct with the banks - but was met with long delays and high rates. At the last minute I turned to acceptcards. Brendan Kenny took immediate ownership of our requirements and came back within hours with a better deal, in a better timescale, with less hassle. I thought a middle man would mean higher perentage and higher fees. Neither turned out to be the case....

Tom, Furniture Retailer