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We are here to help you choose the right card payment facility for your specific business needs from a range partner payment services providers. The flexibility of our solutions means we can provide tailored, cost-effective solutions for taking payments through both physical terminals and online gateways on behalf of established businesses and start-ups.

We can do this because uniquely, we are not tied to one single provider - we have strong relationships with most of the UK's payment service providers (card acquiring banks) and suppliers of card machines, website and integrated point of sales solutions.


Catering for every possible way a business will need for accepting card payments:

  • Retail Chip & PIN with the latest Countertop and Portable Bluetooth credit card machines (through land line or IP/broadband connection)
  • Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) with card machines or Virtual Terminal (multiple use via any PC)
  • Mobile GSM/GPRS terminals for secure Chip & PIN payments on the move or at the point of delivery
  • On-line payments via your website from a choice of secure Payment Gateway providers

Truly Independent advice and support

Our professional and highly experienced team will guide you through the options and explain everything in plain English. From your first point of contact with us we will assist you every step of the way, from completing paperwork and managing your application with the provider, through to delivery of your new card machine or installation of Virtual Terminal/Payment Gateway.

Additional options you may require or benefit from with your facility

  • On-line reporting tools for managing your card transactions.
  • Cash Back.
  • Mobile phone top ups.
  • Gratuity.
  • Handling foreign currency.
  • Extra security for card not present transactions.
  • Loyalty cards.
  • American Express or Diners Club card acceptance.
New Products

Pricing and new products

We constantly review and evaluate new products and card payment providers. This enables us to secure market leading processing rates and access to latest solutions for our clients, members of the trade associations and our partners from professional networks. In turn this not only helps our clients serve their customers better, but also reduces costs and grows revenues.

Most of the options available will attract a zero or low cost set up charge.

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Please see our review & overall experience since knowing you below. Without a doubt acceptcards are the most valued contact we have ever met in our during our whole time doing business, meeting & using their services has become a milestone occasion in our online IT retail business www.ksn-online.co.uk Prior to finding acceptcards we were trading & accepting payments via PayPal & Google Checkout, which are well known systems for consumers, but for merchants like us they were not providing us the confidence to fulfil orders in the efficient manner we would like to such as effective reconciliation. We also felt that processing telephone orders via our PayPal virtual terminal facility was too time consuming, especially when our clients call a 0871 number to contact us. We needed a payment system overhaul, and with the assistance of Mark @ acceptcards, he was able to within 24 hours, provide us with a incredible quotation beating direct quotes we had been given by acquirers on both credit & debit card charges & also reducing our setup costs by HALF. As a added benefit he introduced us for a new Business Bank Account & pointed us in the right direction for us to integrate our payments online via our website using Sage Pay. Our merchant application was approved within 3-4 working days. Overall acceptcards explained & reassured the whole process would be smooth and I am happy to report it was. We were setup within a few weeks, I can confidently state that we had minimal disruption to our business in the changeover, and any delays we did have were down to us, as the largest task for us was to develop Sage Pay into our website, this also was completed in within a week. The results of our contact with cceptcards is staggering: We have found that orders from clients online are easier to process & reconcile. On average customers now complete their shopping in 20% less time, we are far more confident in taking trades as we are 3d secure, and as a merchant feel safe from chargebacks & we know our clients are protected better than ever too. We have access to our earned sales much earlier as our deposits hit our bank account 25% sooner than compared to PayPal, thus improving our cash flow, which is a key factor in our trade. Telephone payments are a breeze, and we have reduced the time of a average client call by 30%. Company accounting & reconciliation is far simpler, with just one bill to manage once a month from the acquirer. Overall the biggest benefit is that KSN will see a minimum saving of 1500 this year in card processing charges. Which is going to allow us to reduce our margins globally across the entire website, and pass these savings straight...

Inderjit Singh, KSN Ltd