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    The payments industry is constantly changing, with new technology, legislation and pricing changes being introduced regularly.

    We are delighted to announce our latest partnership, with data experts Loqate - Part of GB Group PLC and the worlds most trusted specialists in location and identity data intelligence

    Existing customers are a vital part of sustainable marketing. How you leverage all that potential, set yourself apart from the competition and get them coming back for more is the Holy Grail of business success. To help you reach that Holy Grail, we’ve provided our top three suggestions to keep your customers coming back for more.

    Following our shortlisting for an Emerging Payments Award, we are delighted to share the news that our Metro Bank in-store payment solution has also been shortlisted for a Payments Award in the 'Payments Innovation of the Year' category.

    We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with global fin-tech company FusionPay.

    Chargebacks can be an annoying, expensive and time-consuming side effect that comes with accepting card payments. However, there are ways to reduce, avoid, even eliminate them completely.

    We make them every single day, but have you ever stopped to think about what actually happens when you make a credit or debit card payment online?

    We are delighted to share the exciting news that acceptcards & Metro Bank have been named finalists in the Emerging Payments Awards for the “Best Customer Facing Experience” category.

    We are delighted to announce the addition of payment technology experts Adyen, to our panel of specialist payment partners.

    The popularity of contactless and the growth of eCommerce and digital payment options have steadily been chipping away at the popularity of cash.

    The acceptcards® business operates a referral model, over the last decade we have invested our efforts into building an enviable network of high quality partners, with whom we do business in various ways.

    The Accountability Principle (Discussed in part two a few weeks ago) means that organisations must be able to demonstrate compliance with the regulations. In this final blog we explore the technical and organisational measures that you should adopt in order to demonstrate and ensure compliance - Part six and the final blog in our special GDPR series.

    A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a tool which can help you to fully evaluate processing activities and identify where and how to meet their data protection obligations. An effective DPIA will detail all processing activities and associated risks, enabling you to identify and document concerns and mitigate or aid in the resolution of any problems. Part five in our six part series focussing on the GDPR.

    The GDPR introduces some new rights for the individual and strengthens some of the rights that already exist under the Data Protection Act (DPA) - Part four of our six part series focussing on the GDPR.

    Under the GDPR, the 'Lawful Basis for Processing' is similar to the 'Conditions for Processing' under the existing Data Protection Act - Part three of our six part series focussing on the GDPR.

    We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with 365 Business Finance where you can raise between £5,000 and £200,000 in unsecured business finance with a merchant cash advance.

    The Accountability Principle is the most significant addition to the new GDPR legislation, covering how data is stored and processed. - Part two of our six part series focussing on the GDPR.

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation that seeks to strengthen and unify data protection for all EU residents. It is the most radical change to data protection since the Data Protection Directive and the Data Protection Act (DPA) that date back to the 1990s. - Part one of our six part series focussing on the GDPR.

    This week saw Yorkshire based payments broker acceptcards®, launch their latest partner collaboration with banking revolutionary Metro Bank, to deliver an exciting industry first in-store payment proposition.

    We are excited to announce that acceptcards® has successfully completed the rigorous FSQS certification process, making it a fully registered supplier and demonstrating our commitment and credentials within the financial services industry.

    On January 1st 2018, a number of card payment machines became non PCI compliant. In simple terms, the affected devices no longer meet the latest card scheme requirements and must therefore be removed and replaced with newer models.

    Due to new legislation, from 13th January 2018 businesses in the EU will no longer be allowed to apply surcharges to card payments. acceptcards CEO - Richard Bradley, addresses some of the key questions we're receiving from business owners.

    To help protect cardholders against the risk of fraud, Visa have now introduced a Zero Floor Limit for all contactless transactions.

    We take a closer look at how the latest changes to credit and debit card charges are affecting car garages in the UK.

    You could be forgiven for not noticing the increasing popularity of card payments - if you’ve spent the last 10 years living in a cave!

    325 million purchases were made using contactless debit and credit cards in November 2016. A quarter of all card transactions are now contactless payments, new figures from The UK Cards Association show.

    Payments are a key driver of success in international expansion - are you maximising this opportunity?

    It’s likely you’ll have received at least a communication from your merchant services provider advising you of changes to the cost of processing your card payments.

    The cost of accepting card payments, commonly known as Merchant Services, saw significant regulatory changes in 2015/2016 and were designed to increase transparency of fees charged to merchants.

    If you need to take card payments in today’s dynamic and fast moving world there are many options available from a wide range of providers.

    Reductions of up to 50% available in the cost of accepting Visa & MasterCard personal and premium credit cards.

    Richard Bradley, Director of acceptcards, explains what the changes should mean for your business and how best to ensure you’re in a position to take maximum advantage.