• Convenience: For many people, cards are now their preferred method of payment.
  • Increased Revenue: Increased Revenue: Customers spend more on cards as they are not limited by the amount of cash they are carrying, they are also inclined to make more impulse purchases.
  • Security: Card payments are taken securely and paid straight into your account, which means that there is no need for you to store cash or transport it to your bank.
  • Streamlined Admin: Card transactions and reports are easier to reconcile, track, trace and manage compared to cash.
  • Reputation: Businesses that accept card transactions may be viewed as more legitimate than those that do not. Only bona fide and legitimate businesses will be accepted by an Acquirer for merchant account facilities.

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept card payments. A merchant account is established under a merchant agreement made between a business and an acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions.

A MID is your merchant ID number. You should ensure to quote this number on all correspondence with the supplier to enable them to respond to your requests promptly.

If you are out of contract with your existing providers there would not usually be a fee, however if you already accept cards it is important to check with your existing providers for confirmation of any applicable fees to terminate your contract. We ofen find that the savings acheived by switching to a new solution outweigh any termination costs.

An additional merchant account is required to accept American Express cards. We can help you to arrange this if you do not already have one.

If you wish to accept any other card types it’s important you advise us as early as possible so we can accommodate this for you.

You will also be able to accept the latest payment methods such as Apple pay, Android pay, MasterPass, V-pay and other e-wallets.

There are 3 main types that will suit every kind of business requirement - Static/Desktop, Portable/Bluetooth and Mobile/GPRS, all can be configured in a variety of ways to connect direct with your phone line or via wi-fi / broadband. All terminals will be able to accept contactless payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay etc.
Terminals are ordered once your account is approved and signed terminals agreements have been returned. Standard delivery is 2-3 days, however should you require express delivery this can be arranged for a small fee.
Once your account is approved and your terminal has arrived it will already be configured and ready for use so you can start processing card payments immediately.
As an acceptcards customer you are eligible to benefit from preferential discounted rates on all till roles and cleaning supplies, through our partnership with one of the UK’s leading suppliers. Simply contact us on 01422 372818 to place an order.

For a fault with a terminal the terminal supplier support team will begin by conducting some trouble shooting procedures with you to identify the cause. Should they be unable to resolve the issue an exchange will be arranged within 24 working hours at no charge.

You are responsible for the safe keeping of the equipment. If the terminal is stolen or damaged, you should advise the terminal supplier who will arrange for the replacement terminal to be delivered and will inform you of the cost for replacing the equipment. You should then make a claim to your insurance company to recoup the costs for the replacement terminal.

Yes, you can take payments over the phone via your terminal. If you expect 100% of your payments to be taken over the phone a Virtual Terminal (VT) with a secure payment gateway that will work on any computer may be better suited to your needs. Additional features and benefits for multiple users are also available with a ‘VT’.
Yes. We work with many providers that offer on-line payment solutions. Once we understand your business and your requirements we will recommend the right solution for your specific needs.
No. As of January 2018 it is against card scheme rules to add a surcharge for card transactions you accept.
No, card scheme rules state that you should not set any minimum spend on credit and debit card transactions.
Settlement into your bank account is typically 3 working days after the day the transaction takes place. E.g. Payments processed on a Monday will be in your account on Thursday. In some circumstances we can arrange next day settlement, we will discuss this as part of our consultancy service before recommending the best solution.

This really depends upon the type of solution you require but can take anything from 2 days to 2+ weeks.

For a traditional solution that requires a merchant account, a member of our support team will give you a helping hand to complete an application with the chosen merchant services provider. This will then be sent to you for electronic signature.

Depending on the nature of your business, once your application is submitted approval can take as little as 48 hours. However, if your business is particularly complex or within a high-risk sector it can take longer as additional information may be requested.

Thanks to our experience in the industry we are usually able to pre-empt delays and will cover this from the outset.

Upon approval of the merchant account we will then arrange configuration and delivery of your new card machine - this usually takes 2-3 days. Alternatively, we will forward you instructions to set up your new Virtual Terminal or E-commerce gateway.

It really depends on the complexity of your business and the solution you require. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you and we will do what we can to simplify the process. We will go through all the necessary information over the telephone and email the completed application over to you for electronic signature. We can arrange for paper applications to be posted to you if this is your preference.

All applications must be accompanied by a bank document that matches and confirms the details provided on the application. For a limited company this must be a business current account, for partnerships and sole trader account you can use a personal current account.

PCI DSS is the worldwide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that was set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to companies of any size that accept credit and debit card payments. If your company intends to accept card payments, and store, process or transmit cardholder data, you need to host your data securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider.

We will send you details on this as part of your application process. In most cases you will have 3 months from setting up your facility to supply the PCI certification number, before a monthly non-compliance penalty is applied.

The suppliers (merchant service provider/acquirer) require a PCI compliance number from all merchants under the Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standards. They all offer their own way of obtaining a certificate.

For a Chip and PIN card transaction

The cardholder verifies that they are the bona fide owner of the card by keying in a corresponding PIN. The terminal verifies the cardholder, based on the PIN being approved. If the card is a counterfeit one, the terminal will prompt the staff member to decline the card. Be wary of accepting a payment card when the customer claims not to remember their PIN. This could be an indication that the card was stolen.

For Online or telephone payments

CVV is an additional service which is intended to assist the combating of fraud in Card Holder not Present transactions. The purpose is to ensure that the data stored on the magnetic stripe of the card is valid and was generated by the issuing bank. The CVV code is the final 3 digits of the number shown on the signature strip of the card. Address Verification Services ensure that the supplied address details match those registered for the card.

A “chargeback” is a mechanism that has been put in place for a card holder to challenge a transaction that they wish to dispute. A cardholder can request a refund via their card issuer if they believe a merchant has failed to provide a product or service as agreed upon purchase.

Common reasons for a chargeback are:

  • Company goes into administration - The order can no longer be fulfilled.
  • Quality of item - The goods were not as described or were defective.
  • Non-delivery - The goods were not received as promised.
  • Clerical error - Card was charged multiple times or being billed for the incorrect amount.
  • Fraud - Card was used without the cardholders’ permission.

We work with a wide variety of partners across many business sectors. we don’t have any fixed criteria in terms of size or industry, however we prefer to work with professionals who have similar values and business practices to us.
Most professional individuals or organisations with a network of business contacts can benefit from an acceptcards partnership. Card acceptance is a necessity for the vast majority of businesses today, offering your customers a free value add service in this area will strengthen your client relationships, whilst generating an additional revenue stream for your business.
Get in touch via our contact page, we’re always happy to discuss new partnership opportunities.
Once we’ve agreed to work together all partners are assigned a dedicated partner manager who will work with them to devise a bespoke partner program. The program will generally include marketing support and assistance, a communication strategy, a referral process designed to suit your business model and also the provision of regular reporting and analytics.