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Arranging a card payment solution can be a daunting process for any company. The payments industry grows more complex by the day, with new providers, payment types and technologies emerging all the time. Understanding card-holder expectations, comparing companies, calculating costs and ensuring you’re protected against fraud is no mean feat – which is where acceptcards can help. Our unique, independent position means we are able to compare options from a vast array of providers, before making our recommendations and explaining the options available to you, in a language you can understand.

Not all payment companies are created equal, some focus on a particular payment channel such as online or in-store, others focus on solutions for particular sectors like retail, hospitality or education, the more disruptive players focus on delivering innovation by using the latest payment technologies…. and of course they all offer very different pricing structures and contract terms. Our job is to understand your business thoroughly, so we can match your specific needs, and budget, with the provider best suited to you - and with over 300 years combined experience, we are well placed to do this.

Which payment channel is right for you?

Face to Face Payments


Online Payments


Telephone Payments


Face to Face Payments

Card payments taken face to face from your customers are often referred to as ‘Card Holder Present’ or Chip & PIN transactions. Whether you operate within a business premises or you’re out and about on the road, there are many ways to accept card payments from your customers in person. You will require a card payment device, also known as a payment terminal, a card machine or a PDQ. These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes but can be categorised into 3 main groups; Mobile devices, Traditional card machines and EPoS systems. Our expert consultants are on hand to discuss your requirements for taking payments in-person, a quick call and we will be able to advise the best solution for your needs immediately.

Online Payments

Referred to by many as e-commerce, there is a lot to consider when arranging an online we based payment solution. Whilst pricing and contract terms are important, you also need to think about where in the world your customers are, which payment card types they will expect to use, how you’re protecting yourself from online fraud - whilst ensuring you don’t deter good customers! and very importantly how your chosen solution adheres to the industry's strict PCI DSS compliance rules. In addition to the standard ecommerce gateway which allows you to accept payments directly through your website, there are also solutions that will allow you to generate payment links, which can be added to an email or an invoice and will direct your customers to a secure online portal where they can make a payment. A quick chat with one of our payment experts and we can provide you with a tailored recommendation for your online payment solution.

Telephone Payments

Also known in the payments industry as MOTO – Mail Order Telephone Order or Card Holder NOT Present payments, this type of solution allows you to process payments remotely from your customers. A great option for any business that wishes to take orders, accept deposits or settle invoices over the phone. Providing you have the correct type of merchant account you can manually process a transaction by keying your customers card details into a traditional card machine. However, if the majority of your payments are taken over the telephone, or you operate a call centre with multiple users accepting payments you would be more suited to a Virtual Terminal. A Virtual Terminal is a web based solution. The user processes payments by keying the customers card details into their secure online account, they are highly flexible, allowing you to accept a payment anywhere with an internet connection, and scalable; allowing you to add additional users as your business requires. Contact one of our telephone payment experts to discuss and source the right solution for your individual business.

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Dedicated Support and Assistance

As an acceptcards customer, a wealth of knowledge is at your disposal. Our team are on hand from the initial enquiry and beyond; helping you choose the right solution, facilitating a smooth frictionless application and set up process. But we won’t stop there. Once you’re up and running our UK based team will always be available to ensure you make the most of the advantages your payment solution can deliver, keep you abreast with the latest industry news and be your dedicated payments expert - allowing you to focus on running your business.

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